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3 Holiday Lighting Ideas for Outside Your Home


As a professional holiday decoration company we get asked a lot of questions about holiday lighting ideas for outside of the home. Through our years in this business, we find most people wondering what specific items to illuminate vs others, or what will create the most “impact” in their holiday display. Here are 3 tips that might help you decide what to put on display outside your home this Christmas season:

Sometimes (almost always), less is more!

  • You do not have to think that every roof-line, tree, shrub, and column at your house need to be decorated to have a beautiful display. Pick a few focal points of your property. One or two display items done really well will have much more impact than an entire property done poorly.
  • A unique roof line with a couple nice gables, may be ideal for roof lights and a lighted wreath to achieve that “classic Christmas” look.
  • A nicely shaped spruce tree in front of the home may be the perfect focal point to start with.

Holiday Lighting Ideas for Outside Your Home

Don’t be afraid of color!

  • It’s the classic Christmas quandary-“Traditional warm-white lights for mom and dad, or color for the kids?” The answer…Both! Some of our happiest clients use a warm white lighting scheme on the roof and greenery, and just have a couple small trees or shrubs done in red or green lights for the kids (Proper balance is the key). Everyone wins!

Holiday Lighting Ideas For Outside Your Home

Be Unique!

  • For our clients who don’t want to be “just another decorated house in the row”, we try to identify something unique to their property.  Here is an example of one of our clients that have a very large tree. When decorated and lit, you can’t pass by without looking twice.

Holiday Lighting Idea Outside Your Home

If you are still having trouble deciding, or need more ideas, contact us for more information.