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January 6, 2016
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January 11, 2016
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3 Inspiring Water Feature Ideas for Small Yards

We love installing water features, big and small. While others may view water features in small yards as a challenge, we see it as an opportunity. Working with smaller spaces really requires us to get creative, and find optimal ways to use the space. Below are our top three inspiring water feature ideas for small yards.

Spillway Bowls

Spillway bowls are incredibly versatile, as are many of our other decorative water features. If you’re looking for simple and very low maintenance, you don’t even need to keep reading. We would call it maintenance free, but they do need to be cleaned with the change of the seasons, shut down in fall and started up in spring.

  • This inspiring water feature for your small yard measures 32″ in diameter for the top bowl, which is called the ‘spillway bowl’. The lower bowl, called the ‘spillway basin’, measures 40″ in diameter.
  • Perfect for families with small children, those with a small yard, OR even at a business.
  • Install these spillway bowl water features in a high traffic area, entryway or entertaining area, for the most enjoyment out of your new water feature!


Basalt Columns

If you’re looking for vertical look to enhance a small space, basalt columns will do the job. Our basalt columns are mined from the mountains between Russia and China, each handcrafted from natural stone.

  • Each piece is unique in size, color, weight, and texture, no two will be exactly the same (our favorite part!).
  • Basalt Columns are also very low maintenance. Needing a good cleaning with the change of the season, which keeps your water feature running in top condition.
  • These simple water features will work in small or large spaces, depending on your goal.
  • You get to decide how many you want. We install these basalt columns individually or in sets, so you can chose to have only one, a set of three (as pictured below), or as many as you desire.

Inspiring Water Feature Ideas for Small Yards Basalt Columns

Pondless Waterfall

Pondless waterfall’s are a bit larger, so if you have a extra room, opt for a pondless waterfall. We always hear, “I wish I would have gone bigger” from our clients, and we have yet to hear that they wish they went smaller. Neighbors may even stop by to find out what it’s all about.

  • Kids LOVE pondless waterfalls, they can play in the water without mom and dad worrying so much.
  • Pondless waterfalls are pretty low maintenance, requiring a cleaning with the change of the season, as with all of our water features.
  • These inspiring water features come in many sizes, accommodating a small yard or a large area.
  • A small pondless waterfall for a small space, can start with a 3′ long waterfall and go up from there for larger spaces.

Inspiring Water Feature Ideas for Small Yards Pondless Waterfall