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Mid Season Maintenance Tips for Your Grand Rapids Pond
July 27, 2016
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Top 3 Fish For Your Grand Rapids Pond
August 3, 2016

After you have your Kalamazoo pond cleaned in the spring, the water looks crystal clear and you can see to the bottom, it looks just how you want it to stay the rest of the season. Truth is, that awesome clear water may not stay for long, but we have 3 quick tips to keep your Kalamazoo pond clean.

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Filters get clogged up, they work quite hard filtering out the junk in pond water. So check to see if your filter needs a quick cleaning. Most of the time cleaning your pond filter will help, but consider having a new filter installed if yours hasn’t been replaced recently.

Leaves and Debris

Anything that falls to the bottom of your Kalamazoo pond, will decay and can create lots of water quality issues, if not removed. That’s where your skimmer comes in, collecting fallen leaves & debris. Check your skimmer basket regularly, and empty as necessary, especially in the fall. If it’s getting close to fall, a pond net helps tremendously to catch leaves.


Treat Algae Kalamazoo PondAlgae is just gross…really though, it has always reminded me of that slime ghost ectoplasm thing in Ghostbusters…except stringier or frothier..*Shudders*.  Aside from personal opinions on algae, it can be a problem for some Kalamazoo pond owners. When temperatures and daylight hours rise, the growing conditions for algae becomes near perfect, which can lead to an algae bloom. To help prevent string algae from taking over, an Ionizer can help, and it can be added any point in your ponds life. The Ionizer works by slowly releasing copper ions into the path of flowing water, via a replaceable copper probe.



If you’ve followed these suggestions and don’t see an improvement, make sure to give us a call so we can find a solution to the problem. Check out our frequently asked questions to find answers to common problems, and make sure to check out some recent projects for inspiration for your next project.