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February 11, 2016
Aquascape Vs. Savio: Which Is Better
February 11, 2016
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Aquascape Vs. Atlantic: An Unbiased Review

Here we are for part two of our three week series looking at Aquascape products and their competitors. Last week we reviewed Aquascape vs. Helix and found that while Helix would not be your one stop shop for pond supplies (as it doesn’t offer many products outside of skimmers & pumps) it did beat Aquascape in the price department. This week we are going to look at Aquascape and Atlantic and give you and unbiased review on their products.

Aquascape Vs. Atlantic


What We Like

Aquascape products are really made with the homeowner and contractor in mind. Aquascape really takes into consideration all the elements; rain, sleet, snow, ice, heat, cold…all of it. This is why we really love Aquascape products, they are build to last! They are very durable and can last longer outdoors. The mechanics are very good and high quality. Filtration is another great aspect of Aquascape products. If your looking for pond products to really get your pond working well…Aquascape is it. Aquascape also makes their products easy to install and use; each coming with an install and use guide, with contractors and homeowners in mind.

Aquascape Skimmer Kalamazoo


Aquascape does generally cost more, but we believe you really get what you pay for, and we have not been let down by the quality of Aquascapes products. One thing we didn’t like was the skimmer basket and lid that went along with it. However, Aquascape really listens to contractors and homeowners alike, and there have been some really great modifications to the skimmer basket and lids.


What We Like

Atlantic, along with Helix, does have better pricing than Aquascape. They have a huge assortment of products, similar to Aquascape’s assortment. With Atlantic, as with Aquascape, you will find pumps, pond kits, water treatments, filtration and more. One of the items we like a lot with Atlantic is their color changing water feature lights, color changing lights can be a lot of fun around the holidays. Atlantic’s skimmers & filtration units are also smaller, so they are easier to conceal outdoors in the landscape.

Color Changing Pond Lighting - Kalamazoo Aquascape


One of the biggest drawbacks we have found is that Atlantic’s products are very hard to work with and install, these tend to be less user friendly than Aquascape products. The quality is a little lower than Aquascape, but not a huge difference here. But a bigger difference is with the filtration. Since they are not as big as the Aquascape filtration systems, the water quality and clarity would be affected.


Next week, for the final chapter in this three part series, check out Part 1 if you missed it, we will look at Aquascape vs. Savio, and find out what we like best about each of the companies products.