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January 27, 2014
March 14, 2014
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The Best Water Feature Ever Built…

I have seen hundreds, maybe thousands of water features. Each one is unique in it’s own right and even the bad ones(not built by us, of course) usually have some redeeming quality of tranquility or appeal. In speaking with many homeowners regarding their water features I often hear, “I have the best water feature I have ever seen”. They are absolutely right. When I hear comments like these I know right away, no matter what the water feature looks like, whether it was built by us or not, THAT contractor gets it. That contractor took the time to really understand why their client wanted a water feature and what characteristics the feature needed to have to satisfy that goal. I also understand that by luck or by design, that particular homeowner selected an artist, and not just another contractor who said, “a water-feature??? Yeah, I guess I could probably build you one of those…”

Koi Pond_Family

The best water features will all have the same factors in common: 1-The contractor will have taken the time to identify the client’s wants and needs, and make recommendations accordingly, and 2-The Client will have selected the artist, yes, the water feature artist that was best suited for their project. We call our artist a Water Feature Craftsman, and his name is Andy T.

So which is the best water feature ever built? Ask a few of our clients, hopefully they each have a different answer for you. If you ask me I will say, “without a doubt, the next one we build.”