Common Koi Pond Misconception: “It’s Too Much Money!”
June 15, 2017
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June 22, 2017
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Common Koi Pond Misconception: “I Don’t Have Room For A Pond”

We hear 'misconceptions' all the time when we talk to people about koi we thought it's about time to dispel some of the most common ones we hear. Often times we get excuses like; it's too much maintenance, a pond is too much money, I don't have room for a pond ...and the like. More often than not, we hear actual misconceptions like, it will attract mosquitoes, it's not safe for my kids, or I'll have to use chemicals to keep it clean. Many times these misconceptions come from ponds done wrong (which is another topic altogether). So, here we are hoping to help dispel these excuses, misconceptions, and plain ol' myths.

I Don't Have Room For A Pond

Really? That's interesting, because I'm betting that your small space could fit a small pond, a small pondless waterfall, or a decorative fountain. You don't believe me? One of the smallest koi ponds that we have installed to date is only 12' in diameter, which was installed in an enclosed area surrounded by concrete. You can see this project here. Maybe you have a space smaller than that, which is great, because we have solutions for that as well!

    A small pondless waterfall can be as small as 4'x5' (great for entryways!).

    Our spillway bowls could fit into a space about 4' wide and 6' deep (about the same area as a pondless waterfall, but give a different visual and sensory appeal).

    Our miniature decorative fountains need a space that is only about 2.5' wide!

    And if you don't even have 2.5' of space to spare, we have something called a patio pond bowl, which, you guess it, is a bowl (24"-40" in diameter) that acts as a water garden and can be enjoyed right on your deck, patio, or indoor space if your feeling adventurous!

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