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November 15, 2013
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Decorating With A Cause

Pink fight


Most of us enjoy the holidays- the snow, the hot cocoa and of course, the lights. This year, Kalamazoo’s R&A Holiday Decoration is adding something new to their usual holiday light decorating service. Instead of decorating homes with regular Christmas lights, the company is now offering clients the option to light their house up for a cause. From now until the end of the season, customers can add pink lights to their home or yard in support of Pink Ribbon Riders, a nonprofit organization based out of Battle Creek that helps men and women fighting breast cancer.

James Whittaker, the sales manager of the company said that he came up with the idea when he noticed his pink garbage can. Whittaker said that it got him thinking about the holidays and wondering what the company could do to show support for breast cancer patients. He then contacted Pink Ribbon Riders.

The Pink Ribbon Riders is a non-profit organization that raises money for male and female breast cancer patients through snowmobiling and holding fundraiser events. The organization gives $500 to numerous breast cancer patients. Jody McKay started this organization in 2006 when one of her friends was diagnosed with breast cancer. After McKay’s friend passed away she decided that she would continue with the organization to help others who are fighting this disease. This past October, the Pink Ribbon Riders had $30,000 in donations- this made it so the organization reached their $1 million mark.

This is the first time that R&A Holiday Decoration has done the option of pink lighting for a cause. Whittaker said that the company is very excited about being able to help local breast cancer patients during the holiday season. Any pink lights that are used in a client’s display will generate a donation to the Pink Ribbon Riders. A small sign will also be posted in the homeowner’s yard to show that he/she is supporting the cause. The company hopes that this will be an on-going tradition for their clients.

Let’s all get on Santa’s good list…think “pink lights for the fight!”