Decorative Fountain Spotlight: Stacked Slate Urns
May 5, 2017
Decorative fountain basalt columns small fountain for landscape
Decorative Fountain Spotlight: Basalt Columns
May 5, 2017
In this water feature series were going to take a look at a few of the decorative fountains that we offer to help you determine which may work best for you. We will take a look at the ever popular spillway bowls, our unique stacked slate urn, the 'don't call me adorable' pagoda stones, a few different types of natural basalt columns, and some of our beloved water spitters.

Pagoda Stones

    What Is It? Now I'm not sure if the Pagoda Stones mind being called adorable, but they are SO DANG CUTE! If life was a Pixar movie, I feel like the Pagoda Stones would be a combination of Anger & Disgust from Inside sassy and fiesty, but so lovable. :) Our Pagoda Stones are handcrafted from natural stone and core-drilled for easy installation. Each stone is unique in shape, size, color, and texture, no two ever being the same.

    How Big Are They? The Pagoda Stones are the smallest of our decorative water features, the biggest measuring 16" in diameter and 14" tall, the medium coming in at 14" in diameter and 12" tall, and the smallest standing only 9" tall and 9" wide.

    Who Would Love It? Like all of our decorative water fountains...anyone would love this feature! We've installed our Pagoda Stones at local business, large and small residences, added them to existing ponds, used them as stand alone features...the possibilities are far and wide! The local wildlife, like birds, deer, and your pets, love these decorative water fountains too!

    What's The Maintenance? The maintenance low, like our other fountains. We typically recommend a spring cleaning and fall shut down, to make sure everything is in proper working condition...but other than that you can just sit back, relax, and enjoy the sight and sound of your fountain.

    Where Could I Put One In My Yard? Be sure to have a Pagoda Stone installed near a patio, pathway, entryway or somewhere else where you know you'll be able to see & enjoy it, since they are much smaller than our other fountains.

    Why Would I Want One? Saying no to a Pagoda Stone is like saying no to a puppy..."how can you say no to that face??" They are very unique and fit into small spaces, and if you don't want something tall, don't worry our Pagoda Stones won't get in the way. With our Pagoda Stones installed in your landscape you'll get the benefit of relaxation in your landscape too! could you say no to these cute decorative fountains?

    How Can I Get One? us to get started on your personal oasis with a Pagoda Stone!

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