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Do You Need To Aerate Your Kalamazoo Property This Fall?

Many homeowners strive for that picture-perfect beautiful lawn, while some make it, other homeowners are left with a mediocre looking lawn. One way to make sure your lawn is on the right path to ‘perfection’, is to have it aerated. So, do you know what to look for when determining if an aeration is in your Kalamazoo property’s future this fall, and what time of year really is the best time for an aeration to be completed?

Do you need to aerate your Kalamazoo property this fall How to get a perfect yard lawn landscape water feature


What Is Aeration?

Aeration involves removing small ‘cores’ in the turf to allow air, water & nutrients to penetrate to the roots. This is vital in helping produce deep, strong roots, which contribute to a vigorous beautiful lawn.

What To Look For And What Makes Your Lawn A Good Candidate

  • Compacted Soil – High traffic areas that get heavy use can easily become compacted (and may require an aeration more often). These areas are fairly easy to notice, they look more worn than other areas, and can lead to dead or diseased turf if left long without an aeration due to the roots not being able to receive or absorb nutrients.
  • Drainage – After it rains do you see puddles of water on your turf? This could mean that the ground is too compacted for the water to be absorbed properly, an aeration will help break up the soil so water can pass through.
  • Thatch – If your Kalamazoo lawn dries out easily and has a ‘spongy’ feel, this could mean there is an excessive amount of thatch, which affects the ability to absorb nutrients and the turf’s overall health. You can remove a section about 4″ deep, and look at the layer between the soil and the green growth (thatch layer), if this layer is greater than 1/2″, your property should be aerated.

The best time to aerate your Kalamazoo property is during the growing season, ideally in early spring and again in fall. Spring and fall are both perfect times to aerate. A spring aeration gives your lawn a nice start for the season. While a fall aeration will help by allowing additional nutrients, water, and air reach the soil better, before going dormant later in fall. Aeration’s performed twice a year really help your turf grow deeper and stronger roots, which also helps make the grass more drought-tolerant. Having an aeration completed this fall will help in your quest for a lush, beautiful green turf when spring comes. Fall isn’t just about aeration’s, fire-pits, fireplaces, retaining walls, landscape beds, and water features installed in the fall will give you more time to enjoy your Kalamazoo outdoor living area come spring…get it done now to enjoy later! Check out our blog for lots of different topics and questions, as well as some recent projects for inspiration on your next landscape or water feature project!