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Five Benefits That Water Features Can Add To Your Landscape

We meet many clients who love their landscaping and sit on the fence contemplating if they would like to add a water feature, and every time, we cannot emphasize enough how beneficial a water feature can be to a landscape. Water features add sound, movement, texture, and life to landscape design. Homeowners feel that their environment is more unique and in-tune with nature every single time they make the decision to add a water feature.

Water in a landscape is more than just an aesthetically pleasing element to an outdoor setting; it adds many beneficial elements that work together to create a unique and natural oasis. Here are some of the benefits you’ll gain by adding a water feature to your landscape design:

Bringing the sound of nature to your backyard

When you work all day and drive everywhere, it feels hard to connect with nature on a day-to-day basis. Sometimes you need to get away, even if it’s just for an hour before bed, and nothing seems to soothe like the sound of nature. Adding a water feature to your landscape can bring nature to you and help you de-stress at the end of a long day. Why come home and hear the sound of the local news broadcast in the background when you can listen to splash of cascading water right outside your window?

Water features attract natural wildlife and enhances the local ecosystem

Immediately after you add a water feature, you’ll notice the wildlife population increase on your property. The sound of more birds chirping, dragonflies darting around your yard, and living creatures coming to hang out in a natural habitat that you have created for them. Instead of a simple yard, you can create a haven for your ecosystem. Plus it’s a great educational opportunity for the family with hours of entertainment as the kids will become comfortable and familiar with nature. Since all living creatures need water to survive, you’re creating a little oasis and supporting life right in your backyard. With all of the emissions that we create every day in today’s lifestyle, this is your chance to take away from your carbon footprint and feel like you’ve harmonized with the habitat around you.

Water features can adapt to small spaces

Many people automatically assume that they don’t have space for a water feature in their landscape design. Our design team, however, will work with your space to make sure that you can have a well-designed feature that doesn’t require a large amount of space, so you can enjoy the natural feature without taking up your entire yard. Water features can be tucked into discrete areas of your property. Sometimes awkward patches of land can transform into beautiful hidden gems in your backyard.

Water features are low maintenance

Don’t take the idea of a water feature off of the table because you don’t have the time to maintain it because some require very little effort. Some pond-less water features can add texture and aesthetics through a circulation system that doesn’t attract the growth of bacteria and doesn’t use much water. Simple wall fountains, cascading waterfalls, and other pondless features can be simple, low maintenance, and still safe for those with young kids who may be worried about safety risks.

Simple landscaping can become one-of-a-kind

Adding a water feature means you can design a space in your home that is truly unique. Everything about the water feature added to your home will be designed specifically for you, your needs, and your desires. Rocks can even be hand-carved to create beautiful and flowing water elements that fit your particular space.
Are you convinced yet? You know where to reach us. Let our designers begin creating your personal oasis today.