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Otsego, MI


How They Found Us

While visiting the Kalamazoo Home & Garden Expo, they came across our booth and decided that we were a good fit for what they were looking for.


Main Problem

As with most newly constructed homes, all the trees and plants occupying the property had been removed, there was no existing landscaping. So we had a blank slate to work with, and the privilege of adding plants back to the environment. The homeowner enjoyed being outside as much as possible, and really wanted a space that could be enjoyed throughout the year.

Front Foundation Landscape Design Ideas Kalamazoo Grand Rapids

Before – Front Foundation Landscape Design

Front Foundation Landscape Design Ideas Kalamazoo Grand Rapids

Design – Front Foundation Landscape Design

Front Foundation Landscape Design Ideas Kalamazoo Grand Rapids

After – Front Foundation Landscape Design








The Project

We completed a 3D design for the the beautiful blank canvas we were presented (like some traditional artists some landscape designers don’t like blank canvases…but they are a favorite around here!). After the master plan was completed (which is the drawing in its entirety), this homeowner decided to break the project up into phases. Breaking a project up into phases makes sense for many reasons; a homeowner isn’t committed to continue the relationship for an entire project (important if the first experience was bad), it’s budget friendly, plans aren’t fixed and can be changed to accommodate a new need or want. So the first phase consisted of the front foundation along the home, in between the front porch and walkway, and an evergreen ‘privacy island’. This Otsego homeowner loved spending time in the garden tending to plants, so we were able to use a few plants that we reserve for all those ‘gardeners’ out there (myself included). We also added landscape lighting so the homeowner can enjoy the landscape at night, this also provides additional security. The homeowner let us know they have received a lot of compliments on the landscape and the lighting, and they plan on starting phase 2 soon.

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