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How Much Is A Pond Cleaning In Grand Rapids or Kalamazoo Michigan

A spring pond cleaning is essential to the maintenance of your pond or water feature. Just like an automobile, or even yourself, maintaining is always better (and more affordable), than replacing. You take your auto to get new tires, an oil change, or an overall check up. You do the same with yourself; you go to the doctor and dentist for check ups, and you exercise and eat right to maintain your health. Maintaining your pond or water feature is no different. You want to keep your investment in good condition, and a thorough spring pond cleaning is the best place to start.
Prices of pond or water feature cleanings can vary greatly (and change through the lifetime of the pond), it all depends on the size of your pond and if it has been previously cleaned. If you have an annual spring pond cleaning followed by an annual fall shut down, your pond will be in better shape and typically cost less, than one that has never had a pond cleaning, or one that is cleaned every so many years. Our professional spring pond cleanings start at $600, going up from there, averaging around $750. Our fountains starting at $400, going up from there, and average around $600. Our initial pond or water feature cleaning service include the following (varies by type of water feature):

    Reconnect pump and start up filtration system

    Perform pump maintenance cleaning

    Washing of the filter pads, or replacing if necessary

    Clean waterfall of debris

    Check Full water change

    Trim aquatic plants

    Add initial dose of bacteria, sludge remover, algae preventer, de-chlorinator, and plant fertilizer

We also offer monthly monthly water feature maintenance, which will keep your pond looking its best the entire season.  And get the most enjoyment out of your water feature and to extend its life; maintenance is essential. Schedule your cleaning today! Be sure to follow us on Pinterest and Facebook for new ideas and inspiration. You can also check out our Houzz page, featuring recent projects and client reviews. Contact us today to get started on your next outdoor living project!