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Is it Christmas light season already?

It seems that we’ve blinked and all of a sudden, the leaves have fallen. That first cold breeze means that the holiday season is upon us, which means holiday lighting. We can’t wait to see what kind of gorgeous light shows and projects will ensue this season!

For the sake of getting back into the holiday season groove, we’ve looked back upon some of our favorite lighting projects from last season. Here are some highlights from a home we lit up on the west side of Kalamazoo in Texas Corners:

This client’s aim was simplicity; we went with traditional warm white lighting, no neon colors, no fancy decorative additives, but classic and timeless lights illuminating the roof, one ornamental tree, with reeves on the house, and ground lighting.

One challenge we had in designing this lighting scheme was balancing the house and adhering to our client’s request to not have any “floating” lights. They did not want the lights to look as though they were hanging in mid-air; they specifically requested that we stake lighting on the ground so as to give the display quality perspective from the street.

This kind of project is quite common in its classic design in the lighting arrangement and the nature of the home. From start to finish, the installation process took about half a day with two men on the site completing the set-up.

These clients discovered our light installation department through a referral from neighbors, and particularly appreciated the way that R&A allows for the client to own the material. Rather than many companies who lease out lights, at R&A, we customize the purchase to the client’s desire, and after we take down the decorations in the new year, we store all of the material for them. That merchandise is then kept safe until the following holiday season, and then the price after the initial year is simply for the installation process.

“So you’re saying that we tell you what kind of lights we want, where we want them, and you buy the lights, set them up, take them down, and return each year to set it up all over again?”


Give us a call today to arrange for your home to glow with the joy of the holiday season.