Outdoor Landscape Lighting Installation

enjoy your yard at night with outdoor lighting

Outdoor Lighting Installation In Kalamazoo, Grand Rapids and Southwest Michigan

Lighting up the yard has been around for centuries, with lamps and lanterns being the original means. It's starting to become commonplace to have lights in your yard for both appeal and safety.

Outdoor Lighting To Brighten Your Home

Benefits Of Adding Lighting

Increased Safety
With outdoor lighting, you can help friends and family navigate your yard much easier. By brightening paths, you'll help to eliminate tripping hazards.

Added Property Value
Making a home more aesthetically appealing in the later hours of the day can improve your home's perception. Talk about added curb appeal!

Create A More Inviting Home
Think about the homes you drive by that are very dark out front compared to those that have lights. It removes the "unknown" factor.

Lighting In Various Areas Around The Yard

Pathway Lighting
Adding pathway (also known as area lights) to a walkway help with that safety factor we mentioned earlier. Sometimes roots and other obstructions can occur along a path and potentially cause problems to those that can't see them.

Facade/Front Door Lighting
How many times have you driven through a neighborhood looking for a specific house number with no luck? Eliminate that with some lighting while adding texture to your home's look at night!

Patio/Deck Lighting
Many clients who have patios or decks installed enjoy them in the evenings. Lighting around the perimeter adds a bit of ambiance as well as safety to know where the edge is.

Water Feature Lighting
Whether you have a pool, pond, or fountain, adding lights help to make this feature the focal point of the yard at night.

Ready To Take The Next Step With Your Yard?

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