Patio & Walkway Installation

Ready to step out on something spectacular?

Creating Patios And Walkways In Kalamazoo, Grand Rapids and Southwest Michigan


Whether you're looking to start to entertain in your backyard or are tired of staring at your current patio setup that just isn't what you'd like to see, a new place to put your outdoor furniture from R&A Landscaping may be just the solution!

Why Add A Patio To Your Home?

Everyone has different uses in mind for their yard. Some want to just have something pretty, while others want to make the most of the warm weather!

Benefits Of Adding A Patio

We've already used this word a couple times and there's a reason for that; patios provide entertainment. If you have a water feature, whether it's a pool or pond, what better way to enjoy it than have a patio right next to it? Imagine it being a nice summer evening and you want to have dinner with family outside. Are you going to want to sit at a table that's in the itchy grass, or on a stable foundation?

From an aesthetics standpoint, patios can enhance the value of your home. Just think about it, a home with a patio vs a home without one. The jury is out, but we're pretty confident the patio is going to win.


Think about a time when you've gone to a friend or family member's house while they were having a function in the backyard. Did they have a pathway that led you to the party or did you have to walk in the yard?

It may not seem like a big deal to not have pathways, but these walkways create an inviting home!

Adding A Factor Of Safety With Walkways

Talk about a tripping hazard, you never know what lies in the grass! Whether the pathway consists of pavers or it's a stone walkway, adding a sense stability and direction to where you're walking can go a long way. These also tie your yard together. By connecting various aspects of your yard and home with pathways, it'll feel like one symbiotic home setup.

Ready To Take The Next Step With Your Yard?

Talk to one of our landscape design experts to answer any questions you may have! Or if you're not quite ready for that stage, use our site as a resource for education and inspiration.