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January 29, 2018
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February 12, 2018


The Difference Between A Natural And An Unnatural Pond

When you see a pond in nature it looks like it was meant to be there. It’s as though the land was molded to fit the pond. Don’t you want this kind of look for your backyard pond?

Some residential ponds stick out from the landscape like a swimming pool would in a forest. It doesn’t look right. Thankfully, they can be made to look natural, as though the house was built around the pond.

The Unnatural Pond


There are several distinguishing features that make ponds look unnatural:

    • A distinct border or outline that separates the pond from its surroundings
    • Seeing the liner around the border and under the water (there isn’t any liner in nature!)
    • Distance between the pond and bordering plants, which are usually found right on the edge
    • Can look vertical to make up for the waterfalls height, making it look like it’ll fall over

So how can these unnatural aspects be naturalized?

A Natural Looking Pond

Natural Pond Kalamazoo

Natural looking ponds look as though Mother Nature had meant for that pond to be there. Unnatural looking ponds can be molded to look natural by:

  • Making rocks and boulders cascade into the water instead of merely resting on the edge, giving it a natural look
  • Liner will be hidden in the rocks are under mulch around the border
  • The liner at the bottom of the pond will be hidden under rocks
  • Plants will mingle with the rocks and be right on the inside of the water’s edge

Ponds- A Natural Investment

A pond is an investment that should look good and natural. The more natural it looks, the better it fits into your yard, and the more aesthetically pleasing it becomes. R&A Landscaping is a Master Certified Aquascape Contractor company, so we know how to make a pond installation look natural.

If you want a not only natural, but amazing looking, pond, fill out our contact form and send us some pictures of where you want a pond!