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March 29, 2016
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Kalamazoo, Michigan

How They Found Us

These Kalamazoo Michigan homeowners found us while visiting the Kalamazoo Home & Garden Expo.

Main Problem

The homeowners wanted a pond, something that would fit in a smaller rectangular area, right up to the existing patio. They wanted to be able to hear the water running, and wanted to also enjoy fish while relaxing outdoors on their patio…and be able to hear and see the pond from inside their home.

Pond Construction Project Kalamazoo

What We Completed

We gave these Kalamazoo homeowners what they were in search of…a relaxing backyard oasis to be enjoyed from indoors and outdoors. The homeowners chose an 8’x11′ pond that would be able to house koi fish, with the addition of a 32″ spillway bowl. We used some of the best Missouri Moss Rock you can find to add to the natural look of this ecosystem pond. Since the homeowners wanted to enjoy this koi pond from the inside of their home as well as the outside, we installed LED pond lighting so they could enjoy their pond well into the night. Check out the quick video below showing this Kalamazoo Pond Construction Project from start to finish.

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