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November 17, 2015
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November 20, 2015
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Professional Christmas Light Installation in Kalamazoo


Through the years we have been professionally installing Christmas lights in Kalamazoo, Portage, Grand Rapids, and the surrounding communities. Here is a look at one of our Christmas lighting projects in Kalamazoo!

How Did They Find Us?

These clients have actually been clients of ours for some time. In early 2014 we overhauled their landscape for a complete redesign, and in the spring of 2015 we installed a spillway bowl before showcasing this property in the Kalamazoo Parade of Homes. So, when it came time for Christmas lights, they turned to us.

Holiday Decoration Kalamazoo

Part of the clients landscape overhaul

Were There Any Challenges?

With a very traditional and symmetrical brick home in Kalamazoo, we really wanted to incorporate that with the Christmas decorations. It can be a difficult to accomplish this and incorporate symmetry and yet still have the Christmas lighting look elegant, tasteful, and professional.

Christmas Decoration Kalamazoo

The symmetry of this Kalamazoo house, pre Christmas decorations

What Were the Main Christmas Decorations?

In order to achieve the desired look we were after, we started with the entry way. The entry way of this Kalamazoo home has an arched ceiling with two columns on each side. There is no better place for our greenery than on columns or posts! This creates the festive, welcoming entry way that many people desire.

Christmas Lights Decoration Ideas Kalamazoo

Entry way columns wrapped with garland

This Kalamazoo home also has two walls in front of the home and half circle driveway. This is the area we focused on next, adding more greenery and some red bows for that final touch.

Christmas Lights Decorations Ideas Kalamazoo

The roof lines were also included in the Christmas decorations, as well as a large wreath above the garage, and a few evergreens near the road.

Christmas Light Decoration Ideas Kalamazoo

And the final look from the road…

Christmas Lights Decoration Kalamazoo


All together, installing the lights the first year took about a day to complete. This year it took only about a half a day for the installation. Are you ready for your professional Christmas lights Kalamazoo?