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February 14, 2014
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Yes Michigan, spring IS coming! It may not arrive on the 20th as planned, but soon enough the trees will leaf out and the sunshine will return. Chances are you will spend some time searching for fun and engaging things to do with the kids this year. Look no further! If your children are anything like my 4-year old daughters, they love to watch things grow…That’s why you should build a raised vegetable garden when the snow melts! Building the structure, adding the soil, planting the seeds, and caring for your garden are all engaging activities that your family will enjoy, and what a great learning experience for the kids. Oh, and don’t forget all the healthy fresh veggies you and your family(and friends) will enjoy!

Culvert raised garden

It doesn’t get much easier. I’ll spare you the technical details, these can easily be found on the internet or your local garden center.

Just remember:

  1. When choosing a material for the walls of the garden, select something that won’t effect the quality of your soil or introduce chemicals into the root zone of the plants. Cedar=Great. Treated Lumber=Bad. Railroad Ties=Terrible. Galvanized Steel/aluminum=Great.
  2. Soil Matters! Choose an organic blend that is rich and drains well.
  3. Choose veggies and herbs that reward! Children especially need to be rewarded for their work and patience. The hardier the plant the better!
  4. Choose a location in your yard that has full sun, and that may be easily accessed with a wheelbarrow and small tools.

Have fun with your garden! Don’t be afraid to get creative…a little paint never hurt anything, and the kids will love to make their mark on your new hobby. Not enough room for a garden? Maybe you live in an apartment or condo…no problem! A small trough on the patio can be a great place to grow herbs and spices, and the concept remains the same.

Painted garden

Please feel free to give our team at R&A a call if you have questions on starting your new garden. Good luck and enjoy those veggies!