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January 11, 2016
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Rock Water Feature Home Design Ideas

If you’re looking for a statement piece for your landscape look no further. A rock water feature can create a big statement in small, medium, or large spaces…indoor and outdoor. Below are our top three rock water feature home design ideas!

Basalt Column

Basalt columns are simple and elegant, they can be added to and existing pond or placed near the entryway of a home. Basalt columns can even be placed indoors if the conditions are right. These rock water features are mined from a mountain range between Russian and China.

Basalt Columns Rock Water Feature Home Design Ideas

Natural Basalt Columns

Each basalt column is handcrafted from the natural stone, making each piece unique in size, color and texture. We install basalt columns individually or in sets of three, most people opt for the set of three, which others include just one, or upwards of 5. Below is a set of three that also includes a lighting package.

Basalt Columns Rock Water Feature Home Design Ideas

Set of 3 Basalt Columns with Lighting Package

Drilled Rock

Drilled rocks are a great at an entryway or installed close to an entertaining area. Drilled rocks are very large rocks, or boulders, that we drill a hole through. This is so water can bubble up through the top and then flow over the surface of the rock. Maybe you have a huge boulder in your landscape that is doing nothing for you. No problem, contact us and we can turn that boring old rock into a something you will really love. Here is a video of one of our custom rock water feature designs.


Stacked Slate Urn

Stacked slate urns make a great addition to an existing pond or designed into a new pond, but they also look amazing incorporated into your landscape. Place these rock water feature designs near a high traffic area, like a walkway, entryway, entertaining area, or in your pond. Our stacked slate urns will never chip or fade and are made of natural rock veneer. They come in three different size, which allow for creativity and flexibility in small and large spaces.

Stacked Slate Urn Rock Water Feature

Choose one rock water feature design to add to your existing pond, or choose to incorporate a few different styles to add to the interest of your landscape. Whatever you decide to do we are here to help with your next landscape and water feature project!