March 14, 2014
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May 9, 2014
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Senetti – A Cool Companion

While we all can’t wait for the beautiful flowers to bloom in summer and smell the spice on some plants and sweetness of others, lets not forget that this is the perfect time of year for some plants and flowers to bloom and show off. One plant in particular that is perfect for cool weather is called Senetti.
While at the Kalamazoo Home show we received multiple compliments on this plant, almost resembling a daisy but much showier, from its dark purple flowers, to its dark green velvety foliage. Senetti does come in multiple colors, making it a versatile plant that works with many planting beds, and works very well during these cool Michigan springs.
This lovely annual also works great in containers near walkways, near patios, by tulips, hyacinths and against daffodils the deep dark blue bi-color would look striking. The best part about Senetti? Even though the flowers will die off in the summer after temperatures rise above 50 degrees, the foliage will still live on, and in the fall when temperatures drop below 50 degrees again, you get another burst of color.