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December 13, 2013
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January 27, 2014
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Take Better Pictures, Build a Water Feature!!

Do you remember that adorable picture you took of your daughter sitting on the couch during family dinner the other night? You know… the one where her face is 6 inches from her iPhone and it’s as if she’s on another planet? Of course you don’t! Those aren’t the memories we capture and post on Facebook for all of our friends and families to see!

Nothing frustrates me more than being at a family gathering and watching everyone ignore each other with their cell phones or other devices. But I have found the answer…I have seen first-hand how spending more time outside can bring families closer together, and nothing gets people outside like a water feature! Whether it’s a small water-garden bowl on the patio or an intricate koi pond with streambed and waterfalls, a water feature will get people talking. I’ve seen teenagers put down their cell phones to feed fish and catch frogs. My 4 year-old daughters would spend an entire day waist-deep with the turtles if I (their mom) would let them! Talk about a great photo opportunity!!

I’m not sure what it is about water that gets people excited. I’ve heard so many different reasons over the years. For some, it’s the relaxing sound of the water flowing over the rocks, for others it’s the beauty of the ever-changing mini-ecosystem that a water feature creates. The wildlife, flowering aquatic plants, and sounds of the water are intriguing to adults as well as children, and when we immerse ourselves in this type of environment it’s easy to put the phones down and enjoy each other’s company.

Patio Pond

It is my experience that most people would love to incorporate water into their landscape in some fashion, but there is a lot of misinformation out there that can be discouraging. The truth is there should be nothing stopping you. I have heard many reasons over the years that prevent people from taking the plunge including; “I don’t have room for a water feature”, or “we just don’t have time for the maintenance.” The water feature industry as a whole has come a long way over the last few years, and there really is a water feature to fit any space, and any busy lifestyle. A simple water garden bowl (pictured above) can fit in the smallest corner of a patio while a large koi pond with stream-bed (pictured below) requires a minimal amount of maintenance when built properly.

Koi Pond_Family

We would be happy to show you a water feature to fit any budget, space, and lifestyle. Our design staff will show you the perfect spot on your property to maximize your enjoyment of your water feature from outside AND inside the home! Now is the time to make arrangements for spring…give us a call today and start taking better pictures with a custom water feature by R&A!


See you by the pond!

James Whittaker