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August 18, 2016
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The 6 Best Native Plants For Your Sustainable Landscape In Kalamazoo

Tired of giving your plants all your attention? Thinking about giving up on your landscape and letting weeds take over? Well, hopefully you’re not that fed up with your Kalamazoo landscape, but if the thought has crossed your mind then you’ll want to keep reading. While tropical plants can be some of the most beautiful and fragrant out there, they do not enjoy our native climate, and some can be invasive. But…lucky for us…Michigan is home to a ton of native plants, many being drought tolerant and pest and disease resistant, and…these native plants already grow well in our climate. Here are our top 6 native plants for your sustainable Kalamazoo landscape.

Michigan Native Plants Sustainable Landscape Kalamazoo


Native Perennials In Michigan

  • Joe-Pye – Joe-pye is a perfect plant to add near a pond, along a stream, or in a rain garden. Starting late summer Joe-Pye will produce blooms that may attract butterflies and swallowtails, and will dry out in late fall, providing nice winter interest.
  • Avens – Pictured above, with brightly colored with green to golden-green foliage and bright orange flowers, Avens is a low maintenance perennial that blooms late spring to early summer. It is easy to grow and is a great contrast plant, working well against many dark leaved plants.


Native Ornamental Grass In Michigan

  • Switch Grass – Averaging between 4-5′ tall, switch grasses are really easy to care for and grow very well in many Michigan landscapes. They are drought tolerant, deer resistant, and most are even salt tolerant.
  • Little Bluestem – Another great drought and salt tolerant, late blooming, ornamental grass is Little Bluestem. Averaging 2.5-3′ tall, this stately grass is a great low maintenance native plant to add to your landscape.


Native Shrubs In Michigan

  • Viburnum – A easy to care for low-maintenance, rounded, deciduous shrub, that will attract birds and butterflies to your landscape. White flowers appear in June and continue through the summer, and in fall you can except a great color show with red-purple to magenta colored leaves.
  • Dogwoods – Red twig dogwoods provide striking winter interest with their red stems, making for a great contrast against the snow. These easy to grow deciduous shrubs, thrive in full sun to part shade, and can attract birds and butterflies. Red twig dogwoods will tolerate wet and clay soil as well as deer, and erosion.

Adding native plants, or other sustainable landscape elements, can make a big impact on your Kalamazoo landscape. The added low maintenance native plants are more likely to thrive in your landscape, than non-native high-maintenance plants. Check out some recent projects for inspiration, and find answers in frequently asked questions. Contact us today to get started on your next project!

Low Maintenance Michigan Native Plants Sustainable Landscape Kalamazoo