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Top 10 Features to Add to Your Pond

New plants are added to your gardens, maybe even add a new patio or deck in your yard. Why stop there? Consider adding a new item or two to your pond this year to change things up. Here is a list of our top 10 favorite features to add to your existing pond!

1. Fountain 


Not only do fountains add beauty to your pond, but they also provide valuable aeration. Consider placing one near the edge of your pond, or in the center for an eye catching effect.

2. Water Lily

water lily

Water lily’s can be some of the most dramatic plants to add to your pond. Not only are they beautiful, they also provide a place for fish to hide from predators. Water lily’s are available in hardy and tropical varieties.

3. Lighting


If you don’t get to enjoy your pond enough during the daytime hours, pond lighting will extend your viewing well into the night. There are many types of lighting available for your pond, from underwater lights, waterfall lights, to garden lights placed near the edge, all of them will create excitement during the night hours. Even better, set your lights on a timer so you never have to turn them off or on again!

4. Fish


Not only are fish an important part of your ponds ecosystem, but who doesn’t love to watch the fish swim around? Start relaxing by adding and watching the the fish in your pond!

5. Adjustable Flow Pump

aquasurge-pro (1)

The adjustable flow pump allows you to adjust the flow and volume of your waterfall. Turn it down for a quite dinner, or turn it up when your having a party. This even comes with a remote, so no need to leave your guests!

6. Spitter


Like a fountain, the spitter adds additional interest and a fun focal point. A spitter can be added just about anywhere, think about placing it in an unexpected location for excitement.

7. IonGen System


Do you have algae? The IonGen is here to help! The system effectively kills algae without the use of traditional liquid chemicals.

8. Floating Plant Island


A floating plant island is used as a plant display for the deeper areas in your pond where there are no plant shelves. The soil will remain intact while still allowing water in.

9. Automatic Dosing System


This is a must have for pond or fountain owners! The system accurately and consistently add water treatments throughout the pond season. You no longer need to do the guesswork of adding water treatments to your pond or fountain!

10. Waterfall


Waterfalls can be added to your pond at any time. There are some ponds that never had a waterfall to begin with, crazy right? Waterfalls provide important aeration to your pond and create the soothing sounds of running water. If you already have a waterfall, consider adding a second to create added interest, or tweaking your existing waterfall can create different sounds.