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When many people entertain the idea of having a backyard pond, they often also think about adding fish to that pond. And that is a good thought to have, because fish are an important part of a balanced ecosystem pond. But with all the different types of fish available, you may be wondering which would be a good choice. Read on to see our top 3 fish for your Grand Rapids pond.


Type of Fish For Pond Grand Rapids KoiIf backyard pond fish were running a popularity contest, Koi may always come out on top. Not only are they pretty hardy and overwinter quite well, but they come in soo many varieties. You can find Koi in multiple colors, solid colors, with unique scale patterns, and even a very intriguing ‘scaleless’ variety that transforms throughout its life. While getting to know your new pond pets, you will see that some are more shy than others, and some will end up taking food from your hand (every time you walk by a few will swim to the edge waiting for a treat). Just make sure you don’t over stock your pond with too many fish, a general rule is “10 gallons of water for every inch of fish“.


Golden Tench or Doctor Fish

Type of Fish for Pond Grand Rapids Doctor FishA Golden Tench is a unique choice of fish that many may have never heard of, but it is an interesting choice. The Golden Tench is also called a ‘Doctor Fish’ because it is said that there is an antibiotic on the fish that protects other fish from falling ill. While this may be folklore, these fish really do help to keep the pond water clean. They do this primarily because they are a bottom dwelling fish, feeding on bugs, insects, excrement, and good sinking Koi food. They prefer to be in a school of 3 or more, and can be quite shy, so a good hiding place like a fish cave will make them feel at home in your Grand Rapids pond.



Type of Fish For Pond Grand Rapids Crown PearlscaleGoldfish are another popular fish to add to your Grand Rapids pond. They come in many different varieties and colors, and typically overwinter with no problem. Most will grow between 1-1/2″-4″ in length, yet other varieties may get up to 14″ in length.  Here are a few favorite varieties and their unique characteristics:

  • Oranda Goldfish – The Oranda have the ‘hood’ covering their head
  • Telescope Goldfish – These have the the telescopic eyes or ‘bug eyes’ as my daughter likes to say
  • Crown Pearlscale – Their scales give  off a pearl-opal luster


Be sure to contact us for any of your pond needs, whether it’s fish, supplies, maintenance, or installation, we’ve got you covered. Check out some recent projects and our Facebook page for inspiration for your next project!