Fall Pond Maintenance

pond and water feature cleaning for when you know winter is coming

Fall Pond Cleaning in Kalamazoo, Grand Rapids, and Southwest Michigan

Fall Pond Cleaning - Before
Fall Pond Cleaning - After

The Leaves Are About To Begin Falling Meaning It's Time For Fall Pond Maintenance

What Are The Benefits Of Cleaning Your Backyard Pond?

Autumn here in Southwest Michigan is gorgeous. It's Mother Nature's way of showcasing the seasons changing and the leaves falling. And for as pretty as that is, it is a nuisance to your water feature. So, we have a couple options you can opt for to help combat Mother Nature's changing.

    Full Pond Cleaning
    This is our most popular option. To see a full desciption of what this entails, please look at our page on Spring Pond Maintenance to learn more.

    Filter Cleaning
    Don't really think you need everything cleaned but need to have the filters cleaned? We can do that. Just like having your filters cleaned in your HVAC unit, ponds need this too. To see a full description of what this entails, please look at our page on Spring Pond Maintenance to learn more.

    Plant Re-Potting
    Since all plants are different, they don't always grow at the exact same speed. 50% of the plants we have to re-pot occurs in the Fall. Want to learn how it's done? Again, go check out our Spring Pond Maintenance page about it.

    Pond Netting
    This is a service that we offer before the leaves start to fall. We'll attach a thin net that will keep the aesthetics of your pond and also act as a barrier to stop debris from falling in the pond. Once all the leaves are fallen, you may take off the net and store it as nets are reusable.

Now That You Know Our Process, Give Us A Call!

Since we can't always predict the weather, the sooner you get on our schedule, the better we'll be able to assist you.

As you know, winter here can start as early as November. Although we work through the snow, The Day After Tomorrow conditions will stop us from working too late into the season!