Fountainscape Construction

Want a no maintenance solution? Try a fountainscape!

Fountainscape Construction In Kalamazoo, Grand Rapids and Southwest Michigan

Why Add A Fountainscape To Your Home?

There are many reasons that clients add a fountain to their home. These next-to-no maintenance solution is a perfect fit if you want a very strong focal point in your yard. It's also idea if the amount space you have is on the smaller side!

We Have A Couple Different Options:

Basalt Stone Fountain

A Basalt Stone is the most natural looking fountain that we offer!
In this photo, you can actually see that there are three fountains to form a Triple-Basalt Fountain. This is a great feature if you're looking to add a very natural looking fountain to your home.

Urn Fountain

Add an Urn Fountain to your yard!
Urns are a great addition to any home due to it's size. Although they come in various shapes, these figures are several feet high and have the capability to attach a small fire to the top. Talk about a great focal point at night!

Spillway Bowl Fountain

One Our Most Customizable Fountain
A spillway bowl is a very versatile fountain that we install. The standard option is to add one flowing into another but you have the ability to add multiple bowls. Whether they flow one after another or multiple bowls spill into one, they're a fun feature. And dogs love to sit in them!

Did We Mention Adding Just A Fountain Is Next-To-No Maintenance?

It's True!
If you add just a standalone fountain to a pondless water feature, it's not only a quick process but also requires minimal attending to. The reason for this is that it has no wildlife involved with it and is simply built for an aesthetics purpose.
The real benefit to adding one of these fountains is to beautify your home with a fantastic centerpiece with ease.

Looking To Add A Fountainscape To Your Yard? Let Us Know!