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The Best Water Features for Southwest Michigan and Northern Indiana

Building Ponds And Water Features Throughout Kalamazoo, Grand Rapids and Southwest Michigan

Are you considering adding a beautiful water feature to your yard that your family can enjoy for years to come? Of course you are, that's why you're on this page! If it's pond or water feature related, R&A Landscaping can do it! We help design, plan, and of course build your dream water feature.

Nothing beats the scenic view and soothing sounds of a waterfall or pond – unless of course that waterfall or pond is right in your backyard, so you don’t have to leave your home to experience it. Professionally designed waterscapes can enhance your home, and improve your lifestyle. They might be just what you need to relax after a busy day. A water feature or pond from R&A Landscaping is the perfect way to turn your back yard into the perfect getaway spot.

Building An Ecosystem Pond

When you buy a car, you make sure it has all of it's parts. The wheels help it move. The steering wheel makes it able to turn. The headlights are there so you can drive it at night or in the rain. Each one of these parts are an essential aspect to the car that the manufacturer added so the car runs properly. Ponds are an ecosystem in itself and like that car, it needs all of it's parts to function. Here are some aspects of the pond:

    Filter System

    This is to help remove any debris that can be counter-productive to the ecosystem aspect of the pond. From an aesthetic standpoint, it helps to keep your pond looking clean. We make sure to hide the filter system so that it looks as if the water is coming out of a natural stone waterfall or stream.

    Rocks & Gravel

    The rocks and gravel are there for the beneficial bacteria that the organisms in the pond like. They add surface area for colonization purposes.


    One of the main reasons that clients contact us is because they're looking for us to build a "Koi Pond." They want fish for the entertainment purposes but not necessarily know the ecosystem-benefiting side of having fish in the pond. Fish will help keep the pond looking clean because they actually eat the algae.


    You've probably already heard all about how plants take the bad stuff out of the air and add the good stuff. Well in the past few decades since your middle school biology, not much has changed. They help by using up all the nutrients in the pond that algae likes to us to grow and instead produce oxygen for the fish.

So when you are looking into getting a pond, make sure you consider all of the features that go into it. Just like a car without it's transmission, you want to make sure you don't skip steps in the ecosystem setup.

Other Benefits Of Building A Pond

Slip Into Your Own Tranquility

It's no secret these days that our lives can be pretty chaotic. That thing called a "work life balance" is only getting tougher. Why not have your own mini-escape in your yard? You can expect it to drastically enhance your peace of mind.

Enjoy The Environment

We all love to protect the environment and mother nature in some fashion. Your pond can be a safe haven for butterflies, hummingbirds, dragonflies and other wildlife! Think of a bird bath that actually works.

Increase Time With Your Family

The norm is to come home from work or school, eat dinner and sit in front of some screen. Whether it's the television or the computer, we're becoming programmed to just move about our day from screen to screen. Having a water feature is going to break that mold! Enjoy some quality time with those you love.

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