Pond Renovation

water feature and pond renovations that your family will enjoy

Pond Renovation Services in Southwest Michigan

Pond Renovation - Before

Pond Renovation - After

So you have a pond or a water feature that needs a little bit of love. Well, you're not alone!

Clients have come to us over the years with various reasons for the renovation:

  • They just purchased that dream home and inherited this pond that looks great in photos but then realized a month after closing on the house that it loses a foot of water every day
  • It's been about 12 years since the pond has had any maintenance done to it and now it's a holy mess
  • Someone told them they could build the pond of their dreams and did their best but now they're left in a worse situation than before they started

Regardless of why the pond needs to be fixed, we can help! There are several benefits of a full pond renovation:

  • You have parties outside near the pond and you're sick of it being the unfortunate focal point of the yard
  • It doesn't actually work so it's now a breeding ground for those mosquitos that keep biting you
  • It just looks all around...bad

Our process to fix your pond problem

Depending on what your situation is, we'll talk with you about all the options. What a lot of customers like to do is what we call an Exploratory Drain and Clean.

What an Exploratory Drain and Clean involves is R&A will come out to drain and clean your feature. From that point, we'll give you an overall assessment as to what your current situation is and then give you options moving forward!