Pondless Water Feature

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Pondless Waterfall Construction For Kalamazoo, Grand Rapids and Southwest Michigan

A Pondless Water Feature (or Pondless Waterfall) gives you the beauty and sound of a pond with next to no maintenance. So if you want all the sights and sounds of a stream or waterfall, but are not really into the fish aspect of the pond, then this is the option for you!

How Does A Pondless Waterfall Work?

If you are looking to add that Pondless Water Feature, just like some of our clients who opt for this for the no-maintenance option, here is what's included. We'll break it down how it actually functions and what that means for you!

  1. The Waterfall or Stream
  2. This is where it all begins. The water starts at this point and this is where all the noise comes from. You get to dictate what you are looking for in a waterfall/stream. Do you want the slow, quiet stream that you remember from your Grandmother's backyard or are you trying to recreate a mini Niagara Falls?

  3. The Pit
  4. The Pit is the area that all of the water goes into. Think of it as the actual 'Pondless' section of the pond that's made entirely of gravel. In this pit, you can determine if you want no water buildup at all or add up to a few inches.

  5. The Aquablox
  6. The Aquablox are in place for two main reasons. One, they help to take up space below all the gravel to save on the amount of rock material necessary. The other reason is for a smooth stream back to the pump (which we'll get to next). So the addition of these 'blox' will help save on cost as well as increase the functionality of the pump due to a clearer passageway of water.

  7. The Pump
  8. This is the machine of the whole operation. All of the water that flows out of the spillway part of the waterfall, into the pit, through the Aquablox will go back into the pump vault. The pump size is what can help determine whether you get Grandma's small creek or the Niagara of backyard Pondless features!

So when it comes to a Pondless Water Feature, you get the no-maintenance option on whether you want a boisterous waterfall or a solemn stream.

Are you curious about a water feature for your home? Make sure that you hire a professional water feature and landscape company to help, so that you can be sure to enjoy your new scenery for many years to come.