Spring Pond Maintenance

spring water feature maintenance so you can start bbq season on your schedule

Spring Pond Cleaning in Kalamazoo, Grand Rapids, and Southwest Michigan

You've Heard Of Doing A Spring Cleaning, Now Make It A Spring Pond Cleaning!

Why Should You Even Do Water Feature Maintenance Right Now?

Well, we're glad you asked. The first thing you should say to yourself is "when was the last time I cleaned my pond?" If you can count two Day Lights Savings rotations, it's time. Cleaning your pond is the same as cleaning a fish tank or getting your oil changed; it needs to be a consistent thing. It's like buying that car you've talked about for 5 years and then deciding the change the oil every 10,000 miles!

What Does Cleaning Your Water Feature For The Spring Entail? We'll Tell You:

So, how does it work? We have a couple of options plus an additional option:

    Full Pond Cleaning

    1. We will drain your pond or water feature down to a very low level of water, generally around 6 inches. During this draining period, we'll make sure to catch any wildlife and put it in our holding tank so they're comfortable during the cleaning process. Don't worry, we'll transfer the water so it's well-balanced for your fish!
    2. Power washing down the pond is the next step. We'll clean off all the excess sludge and sediment from the gravel in the pond. There is an aspect of beneficial bacteria we will leave on the rocks that are a vital part of the ecosystem.
    3. Any large debris (leaves, sticks, etc) that may have fallen into the pond during the winter months will also be removed.
    4. All lights will have their lenses scrubbed and cleaned. If you want to see your feature shine bright at night, this is a must!
    5. Minor adjustments (such as repositioning a plant or moving a couple rocks) are done at this time. We understand there are going to be some normal movements with a living ecosystem.
    6. Speaking of plants, we'll trim back any excess plant matter to keep the plant healthy. Aquatic Plants, like their counterparts on land, need to be repotted every so often. See below for more information.
    7. While all this is happening, we'll clean out your filter systems. Wash down the bioballs, filter pads, skimmer basket, etc.
    8. The last step is to add the water back into the pond. We'll add the de-chlorinator to make sure that any municipal water is ready to hold your fish. We'll then re-introduce your fish back into their clean home!

    Filter Cleaning

    1. Remove and clean all the aspects of the filter systems (filter pads, bio balls, etc).
    2. Drain and wash down the interior of both filter systems.
    3. Reinstalling all the parts of the filter system.

    Plant Re-Potting
    Like we mentioned above, periodically it's necessary to re-pot plants since they grow! This allows the plant to continue to live healthfully.

    1. We will take your existing plant out of the pot and divide it down to the right size. Once we have this plant separated and cut into just the root, we can begin putting together the new pot!
    2. In a new planter the first thing we'll put down is fertilizer. This is similar to normal fertilizer which adds nutrients to the dirt.
    3. To build on top of the fertilizer, we add fresh dirt.
    4. The next step is adding that new smaller plant root to the soil.
    5. Finally, we need to add another layer of dirt, pack it down a bit, and top with gravel to keep the dirt settled.


Want To Get On Our Schedule?

The sooner we can get you scheduled for your maintenance, the sooner it gets cleaned! Drop us a line so we can answer any questions you may have about our process!