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What Is The Average Size Pond?

We don’t try to be too complicated here at R&A, but before you ask what the average pond size, we encourage you to first decide if you believe that an “average” exists for anything in life. We know that each pond project is individually designed for the home owner, so giving an average can be a bit difficult.


All clients have their own preference and style when it comes to exterior decorating. More importantly, each home has different space available for the installation of a water feature. Some people may have a small side to their house, and some have an entire acre of land. Perhaps we could provide averages in relation to the amount of space provided, but we would rather spend that time individually crafting the perfect water feature for your home. The beautiful thing about individual preference is the ability to create custom designs. Ponds can be square, oval shaped, hour-glass shaped, or any other shape that you can think of.

Pond In Kalamazoo


If you’re looking for statistics though, this is what we have to offer you:


The most common size of a pond with a waterfall is about 10’ x 15’, but you also have to consider that streams add to the overall surface area of a water feature and as a result, skews this statistic. The normal depth of a pond, however, is usually around 24 inches at the deepest point in the water.


What we do know is the numbers that go within the structure of the pond. Ponds usually feature shelves along the inside for the plants to have a height that can foster growth. If the bottom of a bond goes 24 inches deep, for example, a shelf would be placed at 12 inches (at about 24 inches of width), meaning that the plants sit halfway up in the pond. Our experience has found that this structure and height allows for plants to maximize beneficial growth.

Ecosystem Pond

We’re only scratching the surface with this though (no pun intended, or perhaps some pun intended). For more information, details, or stories about the water features we have created in Kalamazoo, Grand Rapids, or any of the surrounding areas, we would be more than happy to talk to you about installing a pond at your home!