Top 10 Features to Add to Your Pond
May 20, 2015
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May 20, 2015

PondFishFish are great additions to any pond. They provide movement, add color, help people relax, and add plenty of enjoyment to the water garden. When you hear the word ‘pond’, what is the first thing you think of? When most people contact us to install a pond, they are thinking ‘koi pond’. Koi are really interesting fish, however, there are other fish you can chose from. But, before getting into the type of fish that can go into a pond, lets first determine the quantity of fish that will work for your pond. The general rule of thumb that is suggested is; 1 inch of fish per square foot of pond surface area. So, a 10’x10′ pond, which is 100 square feet, could support 100 inches of fish. This 100 inches could consist of 10-ten inch fish, 20-five inch fish…and on it goes. Just remember, fish do get larger over time.

Here are some great fish to add to your:

  • Koi
  • Comets
  • Exotic Goldfish
  • Fantails
  • Shubunkin
  • Sarassas
  • Orfes
  • Catfish

Many of these fish will get to be 6in. or more while the koi will get extremely large over time and can get to be over two feet. Keep fish size in mind when making your purchase. Some people may be surprised at the price of Koi, which is based upon the size and color pattern. There are certain Koi  that can reach values well over $1000.00, these are considered collector fish to Koi enthusiasts.