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February 25, 2016
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Will My New Water Feature Attract More Mosquitoes?

Mosquitoes suck…figuratively and literally, they are no fun to deal with in the summer when you are trying to enjoy an evening outdoors. We get asked many times if a new water feature will attract more mosquitoes, so lets find out if those buzzing little pests will be drawn to your new water feature.

Mosquito Life

Will my water feature attract mosquitoes

An adult female mosquito (which is the only one that bites; males feed only on plant juices) lays between 100-400 eggs, and in 2-3 days those eggs hatch into larvae. The larvae are found in a variety of places; neglected swimming pools, storm drains, ditches, artificial containers, and ponds. However, the one thing all of these places will have in common is standing, stagnant water. Areas with standing water could have hundreds to thousands of larvae getting ready to mature to an adult and wreak havoc on backyard bbq parties across the country.



Yes, we did say ponds, however the ponds and water features we build, do not have standing water. All of our water features; ponds, pondless water features, fountains, have lots of moving water. This moving water eliminates the ability for a mosquito to lay eggs. You may find mosquitoes resting among your plants, shrubs, or grasses during the day, but that is not because of your water feature, this would be due to a different source that has standing water for a 4-7 day period.

Best Water Feature Contractors In Grand Rapids

Simple Ways To Reduce Standing Water Near Your Home

  • Dispose of empty cans, buckets, flowerpots, etc.
  • Clear clogged roof gutters.
  • Change water in your bird bath often, at least once a week.
  • Empty plastic swimming pools when not in use.
  • Drain swimming pool covers.
  • Use landscaping to your advantage to eliminate standing water.
  • Remove weeds and debris from all areas of your landscape.

So, worry not about your new water feature attracting mosquitoes, but find and eliminate the sources of standing water on your property. If you are ready to build the water feature of your dreams, or have more questions, contact us today! You can also check out Ponds 101 for answers to many of our frequently asked questions!