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Winter Damaged Lawn? No Problem!

As spring unfolds, we get to see some green! But what if you’re still seeing a whole lot of brown after most lawns in the neighborhood are green? The grass could have been damaged by de-icing, snow mold, ice cover, low temperature kill, or spring grub feeding. The damaged turf may come up in patches and is very dry, while the rest of the lawn looks normal.


grub damage

The area to be reseeded must be watered several times a day, and no herbicides or fertilizers may be applied. You may wait three “real” mowings before applying a herbicide, or 60 days in some cases, because the young seedlings do not tolerate herbicides very well. So no fear, your lawn will look beautiful again in a short time.


 If you are currently experiencing this problem please contact us and we would gladly be of assistance to you!