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Winterizing Your Pond


This winter many of you pond owners will opt to not close your pond; however, approximately 70% of the rest of us will. Here are a few tips from us as well as Aquascape to help winterize your pond for the next few months.

  • Take care of your pump. Protecting your pump makes the life of your pump last longer. You’ll want to store the pump in a safe place such as on a shelf in your basement.


  • Drain the water from the plumbing. Everyone knows that if water is left inside pipes, the pipes can expand and cause cracks in the filtration system. The same thing happens if you leave water in the pipes of your pond. It’s best to drain your pipes before the weather gets extremely cold.


  • Remove and clean the filter media from the biological filter and the mechanical filter. Just pour water over them and store them with your pump. If you don’t it will most likely cause a delay when you try to re-open your pond in the spring.


  • Oxygenate the water. For this, we recommend using an aerator. A floating de-icer can also be used for those extreme temperatures.


Check out the video to see how it’s done:

Merry Winterizing!