Fire Pit Installation

Bring some warmth to your evenings spent outdoors

Fire Pit Installations In Kalamazoo, Grand Rapids and Southwest Michigan

Whether you live in Grand Rapids, Kalamazoo or anywhere else in Southwest Michigan, fire pits are started to become more and more common place. Think about what the next steps after hosting a BBQ is.

To Add A Fire Pit, Or Not

Fire is man's first invention, so it holds a special place in everyone's heart. If your power goes out, fire is there to brighten your home. If you want to cook something, you use a grill or stovetop burners, both of which use fire. With fire pits, it provides a different function; togetherness.

Benefits Of Installing A Fire Pit

A fire pit brings people together. When you think about it, very rarely do people go outside and sit by the fire alone.

This source of warmth and comfort can be the replacement for sitting in front of a screen after dinner. Encouraging conversation, connection, and just all around fun all play a part of a fire pit.

Different Types Of Fire Pits

We have a few kinds of fire pits that we install. The best part is all of these are able to be added even if you've already got existing features in your yard. What this means is if you'd like a fire pit built on top of a patio that you've already had done, we can facilitate that!

Ready To Take The Next Step With Your Yard?

Talk to one of our landscape design experts to answer any questions you may have! Or if you're not quite ready for that stage, use our site as a resource for education and inspiration.