R&A Landscaping offers pond maintenance services in Otsego, MI, and surrounding areas year round. Although, our most popular times for pond cleaning are during the spring and fall months. Whether it’s been awhile since you last cleaned your water feature or you need to schedule routine pond maintenance, you can count on our team to provide excellent results every time.

Spring & Fall Pond Maintenance

Spring cleaning should start with your backyard pond. Once winter ends, many property owners take the opportunity to schedule pond cleaning so their water features are ready for the new life cycle. Likewise, many of our clients schedule pond maintenance in autumn when the leaves start to fall.

Here’s what you can expect to happen during our pond cleaning services.

Full Pond Cleaning

  1. Drain the pond to a low water level, generally around 6 inches. During this draining period, we’ll catch any wildlife and put it in our holding tank so they’re comfortable during the cleaning process. Don’t worry, we’ll transfer the water so it’s well-balanced for your fish!
  2. Powerwash the pond to remove excess sludge and sediment from the gravel. We’ll leave beneficial bacteria on the rocks to keep your pond ecosystem healthy.
  3. Remove leaves, sticks, and other large debris.
  4. Scrub and clean lenses for pond lights.
  5. Make minor adjustments as needed, such as repositioning a plant or moving a couple rocks, to accommodate the ecosystem.
  6. Trim excess plant matter to keep the vegetation healthy. Aquatic plants, like their counterparts on land, need to be repotted every so often.
  7. Remove and clean all aspects of the filter systems, including the filter pad and bio balls.
  8. Add the water back into the pond. We’ll add the dechlorinator to make sure that any municipal water is ready to hold your fish. We’ll then re-introduce your fish back into their clean home!

Pond Netting (For Autumn Cleanings Only)

This is a service that we offer before the leaves start to fall. We’ll attach a thin net that will keep the aesthetics of your water feature and also act as a barrier to stop debris from falling in the pond. Once all the leaves fall, you may take off the net and store it for next year.

Schedule a Time for Pond Maintenance

R&A Landscaping is proud to serve as a pond cleaning company in Otsego, MI, and surrounding areas. To schedule an in-home consultation, please feel free to give us a call. You may also fill out our online contact form and someone from our team will reach out to you soon to discuss the details of your project.

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