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Small Koi Pond with Fish Cave Construction On Eagle Lake in Mattawan, MI


Mattawan, Michigan

How They Found Us

These clients were referred to us by the owner of a local home entertainment business.

Main Problem

These clients have a large back patio leading out to a lake, within the patio was a circle containing stone and a large fountain. The homeowners were not big fans of the fountain, the main reason for wanting a change to their outdoor living space. But the second big reason for the change was a fish tank their daughter had. I think we can all relate to the hassle of a high maintenance fish tanks! So they turned to us for our outdoor living expertise, and we suggested a lower maintenance pond where they would be able to enjoy watching bigger fish, like koi.

The Project

We didn't want to give these clients 'just a pond' without the whole effect of having a stream and waterfall. A pond without a stream and waterfall can seem a bit boring, and may need more pond cleanings due to the lack of moving water. Originally we didn't think we would be able to include a stream and waterfall due to the parameters we had to stay in, the original proposal didn't even include a stream. After carving out the shelves for an 8'x11' pond, we discovered we actually did have room for a small stream and waterfall! This was great news to us and to the home owners. They were so excited they would get more moving water, which they would be able to enjoy while relaxing on their patio. They also chose to add a fish cave(see video below), which was equally important to these Mattawan home owners; due to the herons and other predators that live around the lake.

If you have a very small space in your landscape and are dying to have a pond but don't think it would ever fit...think again! Be sure to follow us on Pinterest and Facebook for new ideas and inspiration. You can also check out our Houzz page, featuring recent projects and client reviews. Contact us today to get started on your next outdoor living project!

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