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Why A Landscape Designer Will Make Your Life Easier

Design Your Life to be Easier

When I come across anything that will make my life easier, I go usually for it. So that begs the question, why do many homeowners decide to take on the task of designing their own landscape, installing their own patio, or building their own pond? Maybe it’s because of the DIY in all of us, maybe it’s because of the budget, maybe it’s for some other reason. But when you hire a professional, like a landscape designer or pond installer, your life will be much easier than if you did it all yourself. Why is it this way?

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Experience & Knowledge

We’ve seen many landscapes and ponds done poorly…so why not just do them right the first time? When you hire a landscape designer you’re hiring them for their knowledge, for their expertise, and to take something off of your plate. There are a lot of DIY’s, How To’s and free software programs out there…but do you really know if that information is right or if it will work for you?

Large beige house with outdoor circular stairs, natural areas, balcony with furniture, and outdoor lighting

I’ve tried many DIY craft projects and…lemme tell ya…they NEVER turn out like in the step by step process. No better way to spend a Saturday than burning 8 hours on a project that doesn’t turn out well! So when you’re thinking about your next landscaping or outdoor living project, think about the following:

How valuable is my time?

Is my time worth the headache of taking on this project? Most of the time…no. I’d almost always rather pay someone to do a project they are knowledgeable in, rather than spending an extra 6 hours figuring out the basics and then another 24 hours completing a project.

Do I know what kinds of plants to use?

This is what landscape designers know- plants. They know the best plants for the area, good low maintenance native plants, plants that completely suck or don’t look good, and they know about textures, which many people overlook. They know how deep a plant should be in the ground, the best plant care practices, and they know about composition (another element of design people overlook).

What end result do I want?

A lot of projects we complete are broken into phases we finish over a longer period of time (front landscape year 1, patio and fire pit year 2, etc.). These phases are part of a ‘master plan’, which can change as the homeowner desires. But if you’re taking on a landscape or outdoor living project…do you know how you want the overall project to look? Do you want a walkway, are you going to want a pond or a fire pit…how are you going to make it all come together? This is what a landscape designer is good at; creating functional outdoor spaces that flow together.

Landscape designed in-ground pool, patio, natural area, with stairs leading to house surrounded by artfully placed rocks

The Easy Way is the Best Way

Hiring a landscape designer for your next landscaping or outdoor living project will take out all the guesswork, which frees up your time and makes your life easier. Our landscape designs are finished in 3D, giving you a realistic view of what your property will look like. When you’re ready to get started on your next landscape or outdoor living project, consider giving our team of experienced landscape designers a try.

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