Pooslide Landscaping Near Me

There’s nothing better than a relaxing day spent by the pool! That’s why we recommend consulting with our West Michigan poolside landscapers to create the perfect backyard oasis. Whether you’ve recently invested in swimming pool construction or you’re interested in simply refreshing the look of your property, we’d be more than happy to update your outdoor living space.

Above all, we want you to love your new outdoor living space. That way, you can get the most enjoyment out of your fiberglass pool.

Define Your Space

Start by defining the areas around your pool. Consider how you want to use the space: lounging, dining, playing, or a mix of all three. By zoning your backyard, you can create distinct areas that serve different purposes. Use materials like pavers, decking, and outdoor rugs to differentiate these zones.

Choose the Right Plants

The right plants can make a significant difference when you explore pool landscaping ideas. For a climate like Michigan’s, it’s important to choose plants that can handle both the warm summers and the cold winters.

Here are some examples of plants that thrive in Michigan:

  • Daylilies: Known for their bright, trumpet-shaped flowers, daylilies are easy to grow and maintain.
  • Sedum (Stonecrop): Ideal for rock gardens and borders, sedum is drought-resistant and low-maintenance.
  • Ornamental Grasses: Varieties like feather reed grass and blue fescue add texture and movement to your landscape.

Avoid trees and shrubs that shed leaves, flowers, or fruit, as they can end up in your pool and create additional maintenance.

Incorporate Hardscaping

Hardscaping elements like patios, walkways, and retaining walls add structure and functionality to your poolside area. Use materials that complement your home’s architecture and your pool’s design. Popular choices include natural stone, brick, and concrete pavers. Consider adding a pergola or gazebo to provide shade and create a focal point in your landscape.

Lighting for Ambiance and Safety

Proper landscape lighting enhances both the beauty and safety of your pool area. Use a mix of ambient, task, and accent lighting to create an inviting atmosphere. Solar-powered path lights, LED string lights, and underwater pool lights are excellent options. Ensure that pathways and steps are well-lit to reduce the risk of slip-and-fall accidents.

Furniture and Accessories

Choose comfortable and durable outdoor furniture for lounging and dining areas. Materials like teak, wrought iron, and all-weather wicker are excellent choices for poolside furniture. Add cushions and pillows in waterproof fabrics for added comfort and style. Accessories like outdoor rugs, umbrellas, and planters can tie the look together.

Water Features

Adding water features such as fountains, waterfalls, or bubblers can enhance the tranquility and aesthetics of your pool landscaping. The sound of running water is soothing and can help mask unwanted noise from neighboring properties or streets.

Functional Elements

Don’t forget the practical aspects of your poolside landscape. Include storage solutions for pool toys and equipment, such as a deck box or a dedicated storage shed. An outdoor shower can be a convenient addition for rinsing off before and after swimming. Ensure there are plenty of shaded areas where guests can retreat from the sun.

Personal Touches

Finally, personalize your swimming pool landscaping with elements that reflect your style and interests. Art pieces, sculptures, and garden ornaments can add character and charm. Consider incorporating an outdoor fireplace, fire pit, or backyard kitchen for added functionality and enjoyment.

Request a Landscaping Consultation

R&A Landscaping is proud to be your trusted West Michigan landscaping company serving Grand Rapids, Kalamazoo, and surrounding areas. To request a consultation for our pool landscaping services, please don’t hesitate to give us a call or fill out our online form. We’d love the opportunity to chat with you and bring your backyard ideas to life!